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Title :The Visit (2015)
Release :11 September 2015 (USA)
Rating :6.2/10
Genre :Horror, Thriller 
Stars :Olivia DeJonge, Ed Oxenbould, Deanna Dunagan

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It is not that Becca and Tyler are actually excited about taking a visit to see their estranged grandparents. In any case, they’ve by no means even met them earlier than. The truth is, since their mother stormed out of her mother and father’ lives when she was 19, she hasn’t actually seen or spoken to them both. However Nana and Pop Pops have repeatedly reached out in hopes of assembly the children. And from Becca’s perspective, this journey, this newly solid connection may very well be a good alternative.

Specifically, that it’s going to enable Becca to acquire the “elixir” her mother so desperately wants.

To most individuals that type of discuss most likely sounds overly dramatic. However that is the type of introspective, vivid and considerate teen Becca is. She’s decided to file their complete journey as a type of cinéma vérité that may serve the twin goal of college venture and, nicely, legendary quest.

You see, ever since her father discovered “one thing higher” and walked out on all of them just a few years again, all the pieces of their household has been on a downward spiral. Her younger brother is oddly germophobic. Becca has change into type of hostile to wanting within the mirror. Worse, Mother can not seem to escape of a sample of self-defeating decisions.

If, in the middle of this interview-based documentary video, Becca might help her grandparents and her mother see simply how a lot they miss one another, simply how a lot they want one another, why, Becca’s fairly positive that might set all the pieces on the fitting path once more. It might be the magical therapeutic elixir that her household wants.

That should not be too onerous to make occur, ought to it? I imply, that is what households are presupposed to do. Irrespective of how harshly Mother has spoken of her mother and father prior to now, they cannot be that dangerous! Certainly they’ll forgive and overlook.

They are not monsters, in any case.




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