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Title :Sex Tape (2014)
Release : 18 July 2014 (USA)
Rating :5.1/10
Director:Jake Kasdan
Writers:Kate Angelo
Language:English | Ukrainian
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Stars :Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz, Rob Corddry

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Sex Tape (2014) review

Jay (Segel) and Annie (Diaz) go at it like bunny rabbits at any time when the chance arises. You positively get the purpose that sure, they do in reality have the sort of energetic intercourse life that may wreak havoc on no matter sort of furnishings the each of them occur to be on. All is hunky-dory until after marriage and, later, children enter the scene. Issues get a bit boring between them within the boudoir. They’re merely only a bit too drained to get it on on the finish of the day after numerous home duties have been fulfilled.

When the ready-to-rock couple discover themselves with some alone time, they resolve to rekindle the flame with some sexual therapeutic. However alas, it seems that Jay has a little bit of a technical malfunction, resulting in a dissatisfied Annie. Fast to hunt an answer, she suggests they do a intercourse tape with the help of a companion guide, itemizing virtually each place recognized to man and lady.

Issues get a tad predictable from right here on. Regardless of the hangover (because of the copious portions of tequila consumed to decrease their inhibitions and energize their escapades) the subsequent day, one thing is amiss. It seems that Jay shared the video as a substitute of erasing it and it has gone out to a bunch of individuals. Their seek for the unique file leads them on a chase that features the boss of a porn web site and a little bit of blackmail.

Regardless of preliminary sparks of naughtiness within the narrative, it now descends into the depths of overdone goofiness. It’s actually solely an actress of Diaz’s spunk and expertise who saves the movie from meandering right into a morass of cliches. There’s humour in right here for positive, however some extra of that playful silliness in between the pointless bits would have made this a greater watch.



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