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Title :Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)
Release : 22 August 2014 (USA)
Rating :6.5/10
Director: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez
Writers: Frank Miller, Frank Miller
Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller
Stars :Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin

free sin city a dame to kill for 

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For review

Why it took Robert Rodriguez nearly a decade to stumble again down the darkened, digital alleys of (Ba)Sin Metropolis is anybody’s guess. Maybe he knew on some stage, as the remainder of the world quickly will, that two hours was on a regular basis value spending in Frank Miller’s monochromatic sandbox—a spot the place each aspect of noir, from its vernacular to its violence, turns into grotesquely exaggerated. And but right here the filmmaker is once more, lured again into an underworld of mangled physique components, clichés spouting clichés, and geysers of neon-silver blood spurting throughout the inky blackness of the night time.

A Dame To Kill For, a belated sequel to probably the most slavishly devoted comic-book adaptation ever made, finds the city precisely as Rodriguez and Miller left it in 2005 (give or take a forged member or three). The “heroes” are nonetheless stoic and half-homicidal, unleashing a gradual stream of hard-boiled shade commentary by their gritted tooth. The villains are nonetheless vile and predatory creatures, ripe for a comeuppance too brutal to be proven in something however silhouette. And the dames—Miller’s parlance, straight from the thesaurus of Sam Spade—are nonetheless hookers and strippers, with the occasional lethal vixen thrown in for good measure. (These with a low tolerance for sexism in citation marks ought to get off at a special exit.)

But when Sin Metropolis hasn’t modified, as nearly nothing ever does within the cynical bubble of noir, the actual world that spawned it certain has. And what regarded radical 9 years in the past—the marks of vibrant shade smeared throughout a black-and-white metropolis, the sight of slumming film stars placing dramatic poses towards a inexperienced display—now seems nearly atypical. A Dame To Kill For does nothing recent or revolutionary with the Sin Metropolis template, save for amping up its unreality by the “magic” of Three-D. The dialogue fizzles the place it used to pop, sounding like a parody of a parody of Raymond Chandler converse. And the actors, outdated and new, largely appear stranded. In nearly each means, the movie is an inferior sequel—dumber, flatter, missing even the barbaric extremity of its predecessor. The place’s a flesh-eating Elijah Wooden if you want him?

Technically each a sequel and a prequel, Dame employs a Godfather Half II method, its motion unfolding earlier than and after the occasions of the unique. This enables Rodriguez and Miller to tug a Pulp Fiction and resurrect a few of their extra fashionable, departed rogues. One among them, naturally, is Marv, the hulking psychopath antihero Mickey Rourke so memorably embodied within the authentic. Sin Metropolis gave Marv a campaign, placing him on a warpath to solutions, his rampage a twisted expression of romantic grief. Right here, he’s employed primarily as an auxiliary participant, as backup; with no actual horse within the race, he drops in randomly to hiss a risk or make good on one. It’s the Freddy Krueger impact: menace calcifying into shtick.

Once more, there are 4 tales. Two of them, together with the eponymous one, are tailored from outdated Sin Metropolis comics. The opposite two are Miller originals, each proof that the creator’s higher years are behind him. All of those yarns really feel like leftovers, the B materials of the canon. None possess a fraction of the grim humor and warped pathos that pervaded “The Exhausting Goodbye.” In a single pretty pointless misadventure, Joseph Gordon-Levitt performs a cocksure card shark who assessments the persistence of a strong man. One other vignette picks again up with Nancy (Jessica Alba), the traumatized unique dancer of half one, now decided to reinvent herself as an angel of loss of life. Sin Metropolis had surprises, a way of thriller; there was some crude enjoyable to find out who killed the prostitute with the guts of gold or seeing Nick Stahl’s repulsive human monster reborn as a literal monster. In A Dame To Kill For, plot strands run their anticipated programs. The closest factor to a shock is discovering out that the token femme fatale hasn’t the purest of intentions. No shit, Marlowe.

Not even the high-contrast imagery, inserting stark-white objects towards deep-black backgrounds, catches the attention prefer it used to. Having already translated the comedian’s pulp panels into a few of the most placing photographs of his profession, Rodriguez appears to have misplaced his aptitude for the fabric; too many motion scenes push the cartoon high quality previous its acceptable restrict, bringing to thoughts Miller’s disastrous The Spirit as typically as the primary Sin Metropolis. (Not for nothing, maybe, do the 2 males share a directing credit score.) With the novelty of the aesthetic sporting skinny, it turns into not possible to disregard the much less savory hang-ups of the movie’s creator—most troublesomely, the stench of misogyny that always characterizes his macho motion fantasies. Remarkably, Eva Inexperienced is ready to lend some dimension to her foul vamp of a personality, at the same time as Rodriguez and Miller try to scale back her to completely unclothed eye sweet. She is, per the title, the dame value killing for—and possibly, for these with correctly lowered expectations and some bucks to burn, the one value returning to Sin Metropolis for.



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