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Title :Ouija (2014)
Release : 24 October 2014 (USA)
Rating :4.4/10
Director:Stiles White
Writers: Juliet Snowden, Stiles White
Language:Japan | USA
Runtime:1h 29min
Genre :Horror, Thriller
Stars :Olivia Cooke, Ana Coto, Daren Kagasoff

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Ouija (2014) review

You in all probability don’t want me to inform you that Ouija, this 12 months’s Halloween supernatural horror launch, is basically actually silly. However I’m going to inform you anyway. Ouija is basically actually silly. And I don’t imply the concept that a board can talk with the lifeless — I really consider a few of that stuff is actual. Oujia is idiotic due to the poor execution of the thought, the unsubtle and shameless horror cliches, the trite dialogue, and the completely incomprehensible human reactions that defy all frequent sense and rationality.

Attempt to give you probably the most cookie-cutter plot you possibly can presumably consider for a horror film involving a Ouija board, and chances are high you will have simply give you the screenplay for Ouija. A woman (Shelley Hennig) dies underneath mysterious circumstances. Her greatest buddy (Olivia Cooke), greatest buddy’s sister (Ana Coto), boyfriend (Douglas Smith) and others (Daren Kagasoff and Bianca A Santos) attempt to contact her with a Ouija board — the identical one she used earlier than she died — and so they find yourself releasing some demonic spirit. The spirit haunts them and kills them off, one after the other, whereas the survivors try to work out the thriller behind all of it. Individuals with data of how Ouija boards work are contacted, and so they should work out a approach to save themselves earlier than it’s all too late. Really feel acquainted?

To be truthful, Ouija just isn’t fully devoid of scares. It’s a movie that is aware of what it’s and who its audiences are, and it makes no try to be refined. You’re more likely to bounce at the very least a few instances, however solely as a result of that’s all of the movie is making an attempt to do. The makes an attempt at scaring viewers are typical and nearly at all times the identical — silence, silence silence, BOO! It’s at all times a loud noise, and sometimes it’s accompanied by one thing coming on the display screen, being pulled away from the display screen, or some ghastly sight. They don’t even attempt to combine it up slightly with the occasional feint. There’s the compulsory scene within the rest room, you understand, the one with the mirror on the drugs cupboard, and naturally, a handy want to enter each an attic AND a basement.

I admit the ways obtained to me at first, making me flinch a handful of instances, however because the movie progressed the scares simply grew to become increasingly more predictable. It’s one factor to know BOO second is coming, nevertheless it’s one other to have the ability to anticipate precisely when it would come, and even the way it will come. In direction of the top I even predicted how the plot would prove, together with the so-called “twist,” the “climax” and the “epilogue” scene. I hate spoilers, however can I simply say I nearly misplaced it when the protagonist’s suggestively Latino grandmother is conveniently revealed, proper in the direction of the top, as an professional on Ouija boards.

I want I may say Oujia‘s issues finish there, nevertheless it will get worse. First-time characteristic director Stiles White has some craftiness in his course, so I’d say many of the blame goes to the atrocious script. I anticipated the dialogue to be sub-par, however right here it’s fairly perplexing. Other than the cringeworthy exposition tagged to each second line, characters would say issues that made no sense in any respect. Whenever you come out of nowhere and scare somebody, you don’t then say to their face, “It’s me!” They comprehend it’s you. You’re standing proper in entrance of them.

Extra prison than the dialogue is the actions of the characters, that are designed in order that the subsequent “scare” may be slotted in. It’s as if the entire movie started as a group of scare situations, and the remainder of the plot was written round them. Doorways to buildings are left open for inexplicable causes simply to allow them to slam shut to scare us. Doorways are purposely left open to allow them to swing by themselves. A man would trip a motorbike very quick, as if he’s in a rush to get someplace, solely to get off it so he can stroll extraordinarily slowly by way of a darkish — and very flat — underpass. He’ll even go away his bike so he can stroll into the darkness to take a look at unusual noises. Two sisters would go away collectively their home to go to play with a Ouija board, however solely one among them could be seen returning dwelling with none clarification in anyway. Characters could be completely freaked out by one thing extraordinarily small and probably innocuous, however abruptly turn out to be courageous sufficient to maintain going within the face of one thing 10 instances scarier and clearly demonic. They’d even voluntarily separate in extraordinarily horrifying conditions so characters may be alone. Sloppy, poorly thought-through stuff like this simply frustrates me to no finish.

I’m in all probability being tougher on Ouija than I ought to be as a result of I discover the spirit boards fascinating and wished it to be greater than your run-of-the-mill supernatural horror flick. Sadly, it was much more unimaginative than I assumed it will be. That’s to not say these in search of an affordable thrill or two received’t get their cash’s value, however for me this was an enormous disappointment.



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