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During a preview tour, a theme park suffers a major power breakdown that allows its cloned dinosaur exhibits to run amok.

Title :Jurassic Park(1993)
Rating :8.1/10
Release : 24 July 1993
Genre :Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Runtime:2h 7min
Director:Steven Spielberg
Writers:Michael Crichton
Stars :Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum

free online movie jurassic park 1993

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Jurassic Park(1993) review

Confession time—I’d never seen Jurassic Park in theaters, only seeing the film once it hit home release. I had, however, read the novel by Michael Crichton. So, with the 20th Anniversary re-release of the film, I decided this was finally my shot to see Jurassic Park on the big screen. And after a friend dissuaded me from seeing the 3D version—doesn’t take much to make me not see 3D—I chose to hit the lone standard showing for the day.

If you’ve never seen Jurassic Park, the story centers on a wealthy man who has figured out how to clone dinosaurs and plans to open an amusement park/zoo to show them to the world. The story takes place during a tour of the park for a few scientists who have been brought in to sign off on whether the park is safe enough or not for investors to continue funding it. Of course, everything than can go wrong does and the dinosaurs break out of their pens to wreak havoc.

The movie holds up very well. The dinosaur effects, which were groundbreaking in 1993, still look fantastic. The CGI was ahead of its time and Stan Winston’s practical effects are especially great. However, while the movie is a visual spectacle beyond compare, it is a classic example of the book being better than the movie. Now, I usually try to avoid this type of complaint, because the film is supposed to be an adaptation of the novel, not a re-telling, but I tend to like darker material and the novel is much darker than the film. This is no more apparent than in the characterization of Jurassic Park founder, John Hammond (Richard Attenborough). In the film, Hammond is a stubborn, but kindly man, while in the novel, he’s far more ruthless and unlikable, eventually getting his comeuppance in the end. If you’ve seen the sequel, The Lost World, Peter Stormare’s fate is the one that befalls John Hammond in the novel. Also, in the book, Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) dies or at the very least it’s strongly implied that he dies, only to be resurrected in the sequel—“but it turned out I was only slightly dead,” Malcolm seriously says this line in The Lost World novel. The problem I had with these changes is they only really served to make the movie more crowd-pleasing. Not a terrible thing to do when you’re trying to make a blockbuster movie, but I felt the movie would have had a little more weight in the end if these two major characters had met their fate as they had in the novel.

The biggest thing that bothered me about the film, though, was the ending. Our heroes are surrounded by a pack of velociraptors and are saved by the ludicrous—and silent, apparently—arrival of the T-Rex, who director Steven Spielberg admitted was the star of the film—hence the ending. It was very deus ex machina and beyond that, the film just sort of ends. In the novel, the survivors are rescued by the Costa Rican air force and are debriefed. This isn’t to say I disliked the film, far from it, but the ending is rather flat after all the thrills and dinosaur chases.

The cast is absolutely stellar with Goldblum as the standout. His deadpan delivery is hilarious. Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant anchors the film and becomes like Harrison Ford—a thinking man’s action hero. Laura Dern as Ellie Sattler holds her own amongst the chaos, while Samuel L. Jackson and Wayne Knight shine in supporting roles.

Overall, the film is a very good adaptation that only suffers slightly from Spielberg’s penchant for happy endings. The film could have and probably should have been much darker, but the spectacle of seeing “real” dinosaurs on screen cannot be denied. It’s not a perfect movie, but it is definitely a classic.