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Title :Machete Kills (2013)
Rating :5.6/10
Release : 11 October 2013 (USA)
Genre :Action, Crime, Sci-Fi
Runtime:1h 47min
Country:Russia | USA
Language:English | Spanish
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Writers:Kyle Ward
Stars : Danny Trejo, Alexa PenaVega, Mel Gibson

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Machete Kills (2013) review

For Machete Kills, it appears that Robert Rodriguez rounded up every actor and actress with a remotely Spanish sounding name, created all new weapons that could pop out from various orifices, gathered a isht load of exploding red dye packs, sat Danny Trejo out in the sun to get his skin extra leathery, turned him up to 11 on the super badass scale, and threw Mel Gibson in the mix to see if he would stick. This is a wickedly fun film that escapes from many of the pitfalls of its predecessor while creating a few new concerns.

Despite its somewhat convoluted plot, Machete Kills doesn’t require any major brain power and it chugs along from ridiculous set piece to the next. The story follows ex-federale, Machete as he is recruited by Carlos Estevez’s, President Rathcock, who wants Machete to track down former undercover agent turned cartel leader/revolutionary, Mendez. In the process of seeking to stop the murderously righteous Mendez from launching a missile strike on the U.S., Machete becomes embroiled in the machinations of corporate overlord Luther Voz (Gibson), who can see the future and has his own plans for surviving the chaos that he believes will engulf the world. *exhale* Yeah, it’s a pretty ludicrous premise, but Rodriguez makes it fun!

Machete Kills is bolstered by a tighter focus which doesn’t meander into the rather boring stretches that plagued the original Machete. Here the viewer is bombarded with comedy, action, violence, or titillation consistently through the film’s running time. The humor is spot on and will induce many-a-belly laugh, and mostly this is on purpose. Sure you will laugh at the over the top violence and dialogue, but viewers will also get a kick out of some of the low budget, grindhouse props and effects that “accidentally” get caught on camera like the obvious mannequin head from one of the many decapitations that occur. What do you expect from a movie called Machete Kills?

The appearances by The Shield and Django Unchained actor, Walton Goggins; an unearthed from the Black actor nether regions that also held Bokeem Woodbine captive, Cuba Gooding Jr.; Antonio Banderas, and Lady Gaga, all fit nicely into the mayhem that is Machete Kills as they give life to an extended running gag. One of the weaknesses of the film is strangely a strength because it serves as a pay-off to an earlier gag – Machete Kills pulls an Empire Strikes Back move by not truly having an ending.

Machete Kills is not necessarily worth a trip to the theatre, but if you’re open to having a fun time with a popcorn film worthy of every buttery kernel, then Machete Kills is the film for you. Annnd it doesn’t hurt to be a fan of sex, comedy, action, and utterly ridiculous, over the top murder sprees that feature dismemberment, decapitations and LOTS of explosions.



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