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Title :Gold (2016)
Rating :6.5/10
Release : 27 January 2017 (USA)
Genre :Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Director:Stephen Gaghan
Writers:Patrick Massett, John Zinman
Stars :Matthew McConaughey, Edgar Ramírez, Bryce Dallas Howard

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Gold (2016) review

Kenny Wells doesn’t mind getting a little dirty. You might say it’s part of the job.

Kenny’s a miner. Not an old-school, Yosemite Sam-like prospector with a pickaxe and a gold pan, but a businessman equipped with core samples and geological reports. He heads up Washoe Mining, a company his grandfather pulled straight from the ground and his father turned into a real player.

But the earth doesn’t give up its treasures easily. Good finds are harder and harder to come by these days, and a downturn in the industry hasn’t helped. By 1988, Washoe is almost washed up. The company’s lost its office, and Kenny now does business in a seedy bar. He and his employees are grafted to their phones, desperate to wrangle new investors and raise more capital. Kenny’s lost his house, too, and he now lives with his longtime girlfriend, Kay. He’s balding and out of shape. Maybe those physical changes aren’t due to job stress, but they sure don’t help anything.

The mother lode? To Kenny, Washoe must feel like the mother of all loads.

Then he has a dream—a dream of a lush, beautiful paradise. When he wakes up, he knows where it is: Indonesia. He knows what it means: There’s gold underneath that wet, green canopy. And he knows what to do about it: talk to a semi-renowned geologist who’s positive there’s gold there, too.

Kenny sells his watch to buy a plane ticket to southeast Asia and rendezvous with the savvy, smooth geologist, Michael Acosta. They draw up a contract on an old napkin and get to work, pulling core samples—plugs from deep in the earth—to confirm what they both believe.

But the first samples aren’t promising. The next ones are worse. The money’s running out. Workers leave. And, on top of everything else, Kenny contracts malaria and spends the next several weeks writhing in a sick, feverish haze.

Dripping with sweat, he turns to Michael and presses his personal credit cards into his partner’s hands. There’s about $2,000 worth of credit between them, he says. That’s all he has left. “Use it,” Kenny gasps. “Use it all, Mikey.” Use it to bring back the workers, to keep the operation going. “Don’t let me die out here for nothing.”

Kenny doesn’t die. His fever breaks, leaving the miner sane and coherent again. He asks about the latest samples.

“Not good,” Michael says, feigning a frown. “More like great.”

And then he tells Kenny—his bewildered, bedraggled, on-his-last-nickel business partner—that they’re sitting, quite literally, on a gold mine.