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Title :Dracula Untold (2014)
Release : 10 October 2014 (USA)
Rating :6.3/10
Director:Gary Shore
Writers:Matt Sazama
Runtime:1h 32min
Genre :Action, Drama, Fantasy
Stars :Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon

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Dracula Untold review

First, some excellent news: “Dracula Untold,” a form of “Batman Begins” prequel, is not as cheesy because it sounds. There are glimmers of a brooding and icky horror epic scattered all through the movie, significantly in its surprisingly romantic, matte-painting-esque backdrops and impressionistic vampire’s-point-of-view pictures. However that leads me to the dangerous information: for those who step away from “Dracula Untold” lengthy sufficient to explain it, you will notice how soul-crushingly unimaginative it’s. That is, in spite of everything, a “Maleficent”-style anti-fable that depends in your prompt recognition of Dracula whereas attempting to rehabilitate and recast Bram Stoker’s bloodsucker as a Byronic hero. Nonetheless, the excellent news barely outweighs the dangerous in “Dracula Untold,” a light-weight war-adventure that’s in the end stranger and extra engaging when it remembers it is also a horror movie.

At first, a boring narrator natters on about how Vlad “Dracula” Tepes (Luke Evans) was a former Transylvanian little one soldier who was kidnapped by Turks, educated to struggle, blah blah blah…he is a killing machine. Then, we really meet the man: a soldier kneeling in prayer earlier than a forest of pikes bearing his impaled foes. It is a creepy picture, and one which ought to be held for not less than twice so long as it’s. Sadly, the makers of “Dracula Untold” usually hit the fast-forward button, and rush to the subsequent chain of occasions. Vlad is given an ultimatum from Turkish Sultan Mehmed (Dominic Cooper) whereas feasting with angelic spouse Mirena (Sarah Gadon), she of the blue eyes, and beneficiant cleavage: give Mehmed 1000 Transylvanian little one troopers, or tackle Mehmed’s overwhelming forces.

Herein enters the homo-eroticism that the movie generally can not suppress: Vlad and Mehmed are childhood rivals, educated collectively within the military of Mehmed’s father. However Mehmed’s risk is a visceral reminder of occasions which can be solely alluded to within the aforementioned voiceover-reliant introduction. Vlad strikes a cope with a vampire (Charles Dance) that gives him another deal: keep human and die, or briefly develop into a vampire and destroy Mehmed’s military. This is able to be a easy selection have been it not for a ridiculous convolution: if Vlad drinks human blood, he’ll completely develop into a vampire, and wind up sucking perpetually. Sure, that was a pun, and no, you aren’t getting an apology.

Nor do you have to count on one in a evaluation of “Dracula Untold,” a bizarrely bold popcorn cash-in that is additionally half-baked in all of the anticipated methods. The movie’s battle scenes are over-edited, Cooper’s villain is a sleep, and there is merely not sufficient intercourse and demise in an origin story concerning the archetypal sexual predator. As an alternative, there is a predictable attempted-rape scene, and a number of paradoxically plodding hints that Mehmed and the Turks weren’t that into girls. There are additionally a number of scenes the place Dracula turns right into a cloud of bats, and even one scene the place he scales a black cliff bare-handed whereas sporting a crimson cape, as if he have been Wagner’s Siegfried.When you can selectively ignore this litany of inanity, you might discover some substantial earthy pleasures in “Dracula Untold.” Regardless of its PG-13 score, the movie does periodically erupt into surprisingly ugly violence, like when a vampire is gored, then decreased into an emaciated corpse. And cinematographer John Schwartzman (“The Rock,” “Armageddon”) reminds you why Michael Bay used to like working with him in each day-for-night panorama shot. Evans is surprisingly good at smoldering, and special-effects-reliant pictures of Vlad turning right into a monster are normally fairly engaging. These small, moody charms add up, and provides a movie that sounds so very dumb some much-needed ambiance. There’s not far more to “Dracula Untold,” however it does periodically throb with surface-deep rigidity.



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