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Title :Dangal
Release : 23 December 2016
Rating :9.1/10
Runtime:161 min
Genre : Biography, Drama, Sport
Stars :Aamir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar, Fatima Sana Shaikh

free dangal movie online

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Dangal review

Aamir Khan should be officially designated as the Don of December. Ghajini,Taare Zameen Per and now Dangal. I doubt if any other star of bollywood from the current ones can claim such a solid triology of December legends.

To start with I have cried at times while watching movies. Most of the times out of boredom or frustration or both. Dangal actually had me moist eyed in more than half a dozen scenes. Dangal in one word is that saga that 2016 will be proud of.

It is also in that sense a glorious coincidence that Dangal and Sultan two of our biggest hits and movies which can claim some content in the story telling come from the background of Haryana wrestling. Sultan was a love story with tragedy in it.

Dangal is a tale of positive ambition. A tale of a father and his two daughters who embark on an impossible journey and end it on a note of triumph. The movie opens with a national wrestling champion having dreams of nurturing his son as a wrestler who will bring India a gold medal in wrestling. He gets only daughters and one day he realizes through a kids brawl that his daughters are as good as his son.

The daughters initially resent the father’s ruthless ambition and they becoming a pawn in his chess strategy but when a fellow 14 year old girl gets married off with her dreams killed , they realize through her how their father has actually given them a path which points to a much better future of confidence and success.

Thus begins the journey of Mahavir,Geeta an Babita Phogat which does end on triumphant note. The journey however has its own share of pain, trouble and fights. Oh yes even some great comic moments. Especially through the cousin brother of Geeta and Babita played with such fresh sincerity by Aparshakti Khurana. The story ends with Geeta’s epic moment  of triumph and come from behind victory in a wrestling tournament.

The first big point that goes in favour of Dangal is its strong characters and their chemistry between them. Again not just the solid bonding between a father and his two daughters. The one between Mahavir Phogat and his nephew who is his man Friday. The interactions between this golden hearted cousin and his sisters. The interaction between Daya Kaur played by Sakshi Tanwar all add to the screen value of Dangal.

Even its small characters like the one played by Vivan Bhathena who starts as a cocky office colleague who is also a wrestler and then ends up becoming a friend of Phogat and the arrogant deceitful coach of Geeta leave such a lasting impact that you need to give good credit to solid direction of Nilesh Tiwari and the screenplay of the  4 writers including tiwari himself again.

Dangal has some very emotional scenes the biggest one of them when Phogat realizes when he hears the national anthem being played that his daughter has won. That one is pure goosebumps. In fact the audience in its entire numbers stood up when the anthem played and you could make out it was spontaneous and not because of a court directive.

A mention of Dangal cannot be complete without the show stopping performance he has given in this one as Mahavir Phogat. His intensity and capability to become the character shows not just in what he does physically to look the part. Aamir becomes  Mahavir Phogat in this one. I do not recall when was last a character quietly staring into camera communicating grief,disappointment,despair and happiness so easily. Aamir is pure gold in this one.

Dangal has dialogues which will tickle you. Dialogues which will hit you in the gut with their sarcastic value. Dialogues which could be picked up by management gurus. My favourite is the Sehwag-dravid parallel that aamir draws and leaves the national coach speechless and irritated.

I cannot also close this without writing about the 4 girls who played young and senior Geeta and Babitas. Trust me all 4 have put their heart in the characters and yet the young Geeta wins hands down in this competition. When you watch this movie you will realize what a powerhouse performer Zaira Wasim is. Watch out for this lady she has big things coming for her.

Go watch Dangal today , in fact push your new year holiday trip by a day and watch this one first. This saga deserves priority. From all of us who love bollywood.

Aamir Khan you remain the biggest showman of our times. I doff my hat you master actor and master movie maker. Master story teller tag for this one of course goes to Nilesh Tiwari.



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