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A guy who complains about God too often is given almighty powers to teach him how difficult it is to run the world.

Title :Bruce Almighty (2003)
Rating :6.7/10
Release : 23 May 2003
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Language:English | Spanish
Director: Tom Shadyac
Writers: Steve Koren
Stars : Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman

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Bruce Almighty (2003) movie review

Story goes…Bruce Nolan (Jim “Yum-o-Rama” Carrey) is a small-time reporter for a local television station in Buffalo, New York. It’s “sweeps week” which means a big chance for him to get an anchor position. He just needs a good story.

His boss sends him on a fairly important local interest story. While Bruce prepares for his first “live” segment he hears via his earpiece his smarmy rival Evan Baxter (a hilarious Steve Carell) has just received the coveted spot of head honcho. Bruce freaks out – right there – live on the air (in one of the funniest scenes in the film). Needless to say- Bruce is promptly fired.

On his way home Bruce’s darkest day just goes from cloudy to hailing softball size mayhem, and everything that could go wrong seems to. Deflated and defeated, Bruce starts ripping the Almighty a new one in a series of tirades and rants (of course in that way only the great Jim Carrey could pull off). Bruce’s rants are so passionate they get him an audience with the Big Kahuna himself, God.

God tells Bruce to give running the universe a whirl if he thinks he can do so much better, and hands Bruce the power over all.

Bruce ( like anyone would) thinks primarily of himself and how these new found capabilities can rectify certain wrongs and accent some “smaller” parts of his life…there’s dollops of past Carrey films and absurd mayhem which combine to be utterly hilarious.

However as most folks high of their own power endorphins usually end up (and as plot movement would have it), Bruce starts to see the reactions to his thoughtless acts of selfishness, his lazy answering of heartfelt prayers, and his oblivion towards his gal pal’s feelings. All hell is breaking loose around him.

Enter the third act where Bruce loses all he truly loves (the girlfriend played by Jennifer Anniston and his job) and must learn all the power in the world (literally) cannot bring you happiness; it’s all around if you stop and look… sniff.

Jim Carrey is a treasure; he’s a talent of majestic proportions. It’s true man. Lair? You call me a liar? He could ace any role I venture. Ah, you disagree? Okay- I’ll stop with the lame puns…but know I could go on for hours! Beside being a witty mitty he’s a sniff of pure man heroin to boot! Yep, ol’ Jim-a-roo’s six-foot something of candy coated praline flavored manyum and frankly, he just gets more delectable as time goes on….purr.

Jennifer Anniston was perfect with what she was given. There wasn’t too much for her to do outside of “girlfriend.” Beleive me this little behemoth of talent could have handled a truckload more emotion then they gave her.

Morgan Freeman is the epitome of a class act. He’s perfect as the proud God with a twinkle of mischief. And his natural stoic demeanor works heavenly aside Carrey’s brimstone kinetics.

Steve Carell, best known from “The DailyShow,” played Carrey’s gleeful nemesis Ted, er, Evan Baxter and was an absolute delight! A scene-stealing career-in-film building delight!

Admittedly, as Bruce Almighty veered off into its own land of lost Hallmark cards I wondered,
” Okay, Ms. You Could Do Better, how could they have ended the film without all this frilly fructose?” I’m still thinking. But, still Jim Carrey fans must see this. For the first half of the film all is right with the world and you’re reminded why it is Jim’s one of our most adored mega stars. For people not of the Carrey Commune? Wait for rental.