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Title :Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)
Rating :6.7/10
Release : 1 January 2017
Genre :Comedy, Romance
Country: Ireland | UK | France | USA
Director: Sharon Maguire
Writers:Helen Fielding
Stars :Renée Zellweger, Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent

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Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) review

When it comes to “Bridget Jones’s Baby,” most moviegoers can be divided roughly into one of two camps. There are those who will be intrigued by the idea of visiting once more with the characters from the largely adored 2001 romantic comedy “Bridget Jones’s Diary” (and its significantly less adored 2004 sequel, “Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason”). And then there are those who have never heard of and/or couldn’t care less about returning to yesterday’s rom-com traditions.

For the latter group, “Bridget Jones’s Baby” – directed by Sharon Maguire, who also helmed the original – has precious little to offer. For the first group, however, it can be counted on to deliver exactly what it promises.

That is, Maguire’s London-set laugher is an often funny and consistently endearing old-school romantic romp that serves up an unapologetically delightful bit of escapist distraction from reality.

Granted, it’s not always as funny as it tries to be; more than a few jokes fall flat. That’s especially true in its slow-to-engage first half. As farcical and as naughty as it is, Maguire’s film, especially early on, is at times more evocative of an episode of “Three’s Company” than of “Pride and Prejudice,” the Jane Austen work that inspired the first installment in the series.

aguire’s film also goes on just a tick or two longer than it should.

But by the time “Bridget Jones’s Baby” hits the homestretch, it also hits its stride, serving up a sweet, fitting ending that will leave moviegoers smiling.

The story this time is fairly easy to divine from the title. In a nutshell: Renee Zellweger’s Bridget is still single, 10 years after splitting with the dreamy Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth), and, at 43, is keenly aware that her biological clock is a-ticking.

After a pair of chance romantic interludes early in the film – one with Mr. Darcy and another with a charming American millionaire played by Patrick Dempsey (filling in for the unwilling Hugh Grant) – she, unsurprisingly, finds herself preggers.

The big question: Who’s the daddy?

It’s a question from which Maguire’s film predictably gets maximum mileage, nursing it until the very last moment. But it’s hard to hold that against it, as “Bridget Jones’s Baby” occupies itself in the meantime with getting laughs not just from Bridget’s delicate condition – and her precarious position regarding her two eager paramours – but also from her status as a “geriatric” mother-to-be, as she is deemed by her doctor. (That doctor, incidentally, is played by a hilariously dry Emma Thompson, who helped write the screenplay.)