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Title :Begin Again (2013)
Release : 7 September 2013
Rating :7.4/10
Director:John Carney
Writers:John Carney
Genre : Drama, Music
Stars : Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine

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Begin Again (2013) review

From the director of Once comes Begin Again, another musically themed drama that, while not as magical, rekindles fond memories of the the crowd pleasing Oscar-winner. Easy to enjoy and fun to watch, Begin Again is one of the most uplifting and romantic movies of 2014.

“Romantic” is relative, however. About a washed up music producer (Mark Ruffalo) who discovers his chance at salvation in a young woman with a sweet voice (Keira Knightley), Begin Again is about two people bonding over song and rhythm, not sexual or romantic attraction (though it is Keira Knightley, so the thought had to cross his mind). And yet, there is romance here–just not the kind typically found in Hollywood.

That’s why Begin Again is so fun to watch; it isn’t concerned with typical Hollywood convention, but it is just as accessible and relatable as any other mainstream movie. Funny at times and simply enjoyable to watch in others, Begin Again makes you feel good from beginning to end.

Ruffalo is at the top of his game and Knightley is quite good as well; Hailee Steinfeld is solid in a supporting role. Adam Levine doesn’t completely screw things up, either.

But the real star is once again the music. Director John Carney infuses terrific music throughout the production; it is the spine of the movie. None of the music is quite as memorable as the Oscar-winning piece from Once, but that’s a hard, even impossible, act to follow.



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